We are staying open during the pandemic so that we can continue to provide essential and emergency care for your pet. We have modified slightly our opening hours, and, in order to limit everyone's potential exposure to the Coronavirus, we do not allow clients into the building. Please call us from your vehicle and we will come to get your pet and/or deliver his or her food and medication. We are proud that our team remains dedicated to serving you and your pet and thank you for your collaboration.


Our team has experience in treating your exotic and pocket pets, and our new hospital has a ward dedicated to their care and comfort.


We offer specialized nutrition counselling for your pet. Our technician nutritionist will advise you what to feed your pet during all life stages as well as when he is sick, or needs to lose weight.

Overnight Care

Your pet is never alone in our hospital, even overnight. This allows us to constantly monitor him and provide continuous care. We invite you to visit your hospitalized pet when he is in the hospital, in order to make him, and you, feel better.

Physical rehabilitation

Our team of canine rehabilitation specialists can treat your dog for pain or disability resulting from surgery or illness. In addition, we can provide strength and conditioning programs for canine athletes, and work-outs for dogs who simply need to lose weight!

Pierrefonds Animal Hospital

15723 Pierrefonds Blvd, Pierrefonds, QC, H9H 3X6 Phone: (514) 626-9890, Fax: (514) 626-0241
Email: info@hvdp.qc.ca


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Opening Hours


8:00 am – 8:00 pm
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8:00 am – 8:00 pm
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