At the Pierrefonds Animal Hospital, it is our pleasure to care for your birds and exotics pets.

We treat the following species:

  • Pet birds, parrots
  • Rabbits
  • Small Rodents (Guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, mice, hamsters, degus...)
  • Ferrets
  • Hedgehogs
  • Reptiles (turtles, snakes, lizards)

We offer the following services:

  • Annual exam / post-purchase exam
  • Nutritional advice, adapted for each species
  • Behavioural consultations
  • Wing, beak and nail trims
  • Removal of identification bands (birds)
  • Tooth filing and trimming, under sedation (rabbits and rodents)
  • Blood tests, laboratory analysis, digital X-rays (including dental X-rays) and ultrasound
  • DNA gender identification for birds
  • Surgeries, including spays / neuters
  • Hospitalization with 24 hour supervision, in a room reserved exclusively for exotic pets Boarding

We recommend a full physical exam and consultation for all exotic pets, so as to assure that they are in good health and to help you set up the best plan for feeding and care. After that, we recommend exams once or twice a year, depending on the species, age and level of health. Since the majority of exotic animals tend to hide signs of illness (a behaviour of prey animals), it is very important to have your pet seen by a veterinarian immediately if you note any changes in behaviour or habits.