Physical Rehabilitation

Dr. Dunbar and Maria Cecere AHT, are both Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners who have been providing physical therapy to our patients since 2000. They have recently been joined by Elysia Rodi and Dr. Bourduas, who are in the process of completing their certification.

The rehabilitation team can provide the following services for your pet or your canine athlete:

  • Diagnosis of musculoskeletal or neurological disease causing pain or lameness
  • Treatment of these conditions using the following techniques or modalities:
    • Therapeutic laser
    • Therapeutic ultrasound
    • E-stim or NMES
    • Massage and treatment of myofascial trigger points
    • Therapeutic exercises
    • Underwater treadmill
  • Physical therapy for post op patients, and to treat or prevent the loss of condition that accompanies long-term hospitalization.
  • Weight management and fitness training using the following:
    • Exercise balls, cavelettis, tunnels, exercise bands
    • Land and aquatic treadmills, Home exercise programs using the Physiotec veterinary program, which we were the first to use in Canada.

Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our rehabilitation specialists.