We want your pet to have a surgery or dentistry that is safe and pain-free. Our hospital has a modern surgery department that includes two operating suites, a dentistry suite and a warm and quiet recovery area. Instruments and surgical materials are sterilized in a special room for that purpose only.

In addition to routine spays and neuters and dental cleanings, we are also able to perform advanced procedures such as:

  • Emergency procedures - gastrointestinal obstruction, urinary tract obstruction, gastric dilation and torsion and cesarian sections
  • Soft tissue surgeries - excision of masses and wound repair
  • Minor ophthalmic surgeries
  • Dental extractions

What we do before and after surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. Our peri-operative protocols are designed to provide a safe anesthesia for your pet, to minimize his stress and manage or prevent pain.

  • Pre-operative blood tests may be performed to rule out pre-existing medical conditions and to ensure the safety of the anaesthesic procedure.
  • All animals undergoing general anaesthesia have an intravenous catheter and receive IV fluids during the procedure to maintain proper blood pressure and allow rapid delivery of emergency and pain medications.
  • We use a combination of inhalant (gas) and injectable anaesthetics to maximize the safety of the procedure.
  • Your animal's anaesthesia is constantly monitored throughout the procedure by a trained animal health technician. Multiple monitoring devices are used including a blood pressure CO2 and heart rate monitor.
  • Pain is managed using the most advanced methods and drugs, and surgical wounds are treated with a therapeutic laser.
  • All dental extractions are performed using local blocks to reduce pain.
  • Your animal is kept warm using hot water and hot air heating devices.

Once surgery is over, your pet is transferred to our critical care unit where he is kept warm and comfortable, and constantly supervised.

All our surgery patients are discharged by our animal health technicians who will give you at home instructions and schedule a follow up visit. In addition you will be called the day after surgery to ensure that everything is going well.

Feel free to ask for a tour of the surgery department before your pet's procedure!